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“Just Get Out of the Way” is a start up guide and a how to manual that shares over 36 years of business start up experience at one of the oldest and most successful small business incubators. 


This guide traces the start up experiences of The Technology Innovation Center and offers you, the start up entrepreneur, a practical guide to the independence of starting and owning your own small business. 


We share exactly what you need in searching for the right tools, the right equipment, the right programming, and the right environment to help you grow and succeed. 

Table of Contents


Chapter 1  Economic Development and Jobs

Chapter 2  General Economic Cycles

Chapter 3  History of the Incubator

Chapter 4  Facilities Issues

Chapter 5  Key Elements of the High Performing Incubator

Chapter 6  Key Elements to the Business Plan

Chapter 7  Key features, Amenities, and Tools of the incubator

Chapter 8  Services and Programming Required

Chapter 9  Personality Traits of an Entrepreneur

Chapter 10  Anecdotes

Chapter 11  Bibliography and additional reading

We will post completed chapters in the days and weeks ahead, but start now by reading Chapter 6, the single most important exercise you will undertake. 

This is the self-evaluation process of the Business Plan. 

Read Chapter 6 here

As always, you may direct any questions or inquiries directly to me at :

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